Join Tonami in a workshop on making Making Miso Paste or learning how to use Shio koji.

Van Koji

Workshops 2018!

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Miso Paste Workshop
Location:  Raven Song Community Health Centre, 2450 Ontario St, Vancouver BC

Fall Session: October 20th (Sat), 2018
Winter Session: February 2019 (TBA)

Learn how easy it is to set aside a batch of ground soy bean, salt, and kome koji that will become the best miso soup you ever had. Homemade and delicious.

Leave with 1.5lbs of Miso paste that you made. This class is hands on, so you’ll experience making miso paste step by step.

Vankoji will prepare all equipment and ingredients (organic).
Good Miso paste takes time to ferment, you will need to wait six months to a year to enjoy it… but it is worth the wait.