Van Koji

The History of Shio Koji

What is Shio-Koji? – Shio Koji is natural seasoning that is used to marinate, tenderize and enhance the umami in foods. Shio Koji is made with a mixture of rice koji, sait and water.

When KOJI-KIN is mixed with salt and steamed rice and aloud to ferment in a warm environment, the rice grains break down into enzymes, glutamates, and sugars, imparting a mild salty taste with great umami (fifth taste) flavors. Shio koji has the appearance of a thick and lumpy white paste and looks similarly to rice porridge.

Benefits of Shio-Koji:A natural Pro-biotic seasoning. Tenderizes food. Brings the same saltiness with Half the Salt. Brings out the umami and sweetness in your cooking. Contains minerals, fiber and vitamins. Aids in digestion and good for general health.